All-on-4® Dental Implants 2018-04-20T18:28:00+00:00

Plano Family Dentistry utilizes Nobel Biocare All-on-4® treatment concept, one of the best implant products on the market. The All-on-4® is a minimally invasive solution with an extremely high success rate.

The All-on-4® treatment concept is a cost-efficient, graftless solution that provides patients with a fixed full-arch prosthesis on the day of surgery.

Characteristics include:

  • Full-arch rehabilitation with only four implants Two straight anterior implants and two implants tilted up to 45º in the posterior
  • Immediate Function (fixed provisional bridge) – For patients meeting criteria for immediate loading of implants
  • Graftless procedure –  Bone grafting is avoided by tilting the posterior implants, utilizing available bone

Why 98% of patients would recommend the All-on-4® treatment concept

  • Rapid improvement in quality of life
  • A fixed full-arch prosthesis on the day of surgery quickly leads to improved patient satisfaction – with regards to function,
    esthetics, sense, speech and self-esteem.
  • Shorter treatment times. Tilting of the posterior implants avoids the need for time-consuming bone grafting procedures, while immediate loading shortens time-to-teeth.
  • Lower costs. The concept is the least costly in comparison with conventional implant treatment modalities of the edentulous and soon-to-be edentulous jaw.