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Sedation and Sleep Dentistry
in Plano, TX

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Going to the Dentist can make some people uncomfortable, even down right scared. Perfect Smiles can make your experience both pain and worry free. Many patients have very sensitive teeth and getting a shot can make some faint. We strive to make all of your dental procedures as comfortable as possible. We provide several different sedation options depending on the type of treatment needed and the patients well being. From a Novocaine to General Anesthesia, we will make sure that you are relaxed and at ease during the entire procedure.

We offer;

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

The most commonly used form of sedation. You will remain conscious in a totally relaxed state. It wears off fast and will allow you to resume normal activities almost immediately after the procedure. Reducing the time needed for recuperation and leaves almost no memory of the procedure.

Oral Conscious Sedation

NO NEEDLES! As simple as taking a pill. The effects will give you a pleasant feeling and make your dental procedure that much more relaxing. You will remain conscious and be able to answer any questions the Doctor may have. Great for performing a lot of work at one time.

IV Sedation

For extreme fear of dentistry, or an extremely lengthy procedure, we recommend A General Anesthetic. This is performed with an intravenous solution to make you relax so much you’re just about, or fully, unconscious. Fast acting and completely safe. There will probably be no memory of the procedure.

Explore our Pain-Free Sedation Dentistry solutions



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“I do not like going to the dentist! I am very scared! but Perfect Smiles of Plano and Dr Tehrani put me at ease and I had a great experience. First I had to have an emergency tooth pulled… so scared! They worked me in the day I called (without ever seeing me before) and pulled it and I went back to work! I recommend everyone to them!”

“I had a root canel done yesterday. DR. Tehrani was very good and did a good job. He was very patient and concern if I was hurting. His staff was very nice and give good instuction on what to expect. The Dr. also clearfy all the questions I had before starting to do the job.”